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How to choose the right clean room panel?

Mar 12,2021 | Blog

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Science and technology are advancing, and the quality of life is improving. People's requirements for buildings have changed from the original basic requirements of "four walls, one roof, and shelter from wind and rain" to more stringent and higher-end requirements for the overall performance of modern buildings. In order to meet our requirements, a series of panels that are used in buildings, spaces, and locations that do not need to be used have emerged to achieve the diversification of building functions and improve our living standards.

For industries such as food and medicine that are closely related to our lives and health, solving the problems of pollutants such as microorganisms and viruses is the top priority. With the development of the industry, a special antibacterial board has begun to enter our lives. It is an antibacterial clean room panel.

The quality of the clean room panel affects the cleanliness of the clean room. How to choose the right clean room panels is highly knowledgeable. The key depends on these 5 points. As long as you choose the right one, you don't need to choose the expensive one.

①Clean room panel: The surface of the wall and ceiling of the clean room should be flat, smooth, free from dust, not easy to hide dust, and easy to clean by dust removal.

②Construction: Reliable sealing measures should be taken for the structure and construction gaps of clean room doors and windows, walls, ceilings, ground (floor) surfaces.

③Color: The color of the clean room should be light and gentle, so that workers can work in a comfortable environment.

④Corrosion resistance: clean rooms usually need to be wiped frequently. In addition to wiping with water, they will also be disinfected with disinfectant water, alcohol, etc. These liquids usually have certain chemical properties, which will discolor and fall off the surface of some materials, which requires decoration The surface of the material has certain corrosion resistance.

⑤Weather resistance: Biological clean rooms such as operating rooms are usually equipped with three oxygen O₃ generators for sterilization, which will accelerate the oxidation and corrosion of objects in the environment, especially metals, and will also cause the general coating surface to fade and discolor due to oxidation. Therefore, this kind of clean room requires that its decorative materials have good oxidation resistance and will not produce rust.

Wiskind clean room panel has a smooth surface, good antibacterial ability, and corrosion resistance. It can meet the requirements of building decoration material standards for clean areas in pharmaceutical and medical environments. It is widely used in electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, and scientific research. The clean engineering field, which has strict requirements on the indoor environment, is deeply loved by customers.

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