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What to do if the door leaf is poorly bonded

Oct 24,2023 | Blog

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1. There are 2 reasons for cleanroom door poor bonding: uneven mixing of glue and insufficient mixing of glue.

2. Based on actual problems on site, it was determined that poor bonding was caused by uneven glue due to insufficient mixing and too short mixing time.


1. When using glue, stir and mix the glue according to actual operating requirements.

2. Operation requirements: Pour white glue on the cleanroom panel, seal around the edges, and introduce the curing agent in the middle. Use a squeegee to fully mix the black and white materials. The stirring time is no less than 1 minute. Watch the color of the glue and the enlightenment effect to compound within the enlightenment time (time <7 minutes)

3. Improve employees’ operational skills and quality awareness, and conduct monthly job quality training and assessmentsWiskind cleanroom door | High strength

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